Tollcross Medical Centre

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Medical education

The practice will normally have one or two GP Registrars attached to the practice.

GP training takes a junior doctor four years to complete and for some of this time they are attached to GP practices as a GP Registrar.

Our Registrars are usually with us for periods of six months or a year at a time. During this period they see patients and do home visits exactly the same as all the other doctors but they have some special time set aside for tutorials and teaching. On occasion they may video consultations for teaching purposes but we would always ask your permission before doing this.

The practice also participates in the teaching of medical students. This involves Dr Hopkins tutoring students, with a five-week placement at the practice, at various times throughout the year.

Nursing students attend the practice from time to time for training. If a student is to be present during a consultation you will be informed when you make the appointment. The doctor/nursing team will again check you are comfortable with a student being present. If you have objections, the student will leave the room and you can consult with the GP/nurse. The students are bound by the same confidentiality agreement as the rest of the practice team.