Supporting Suicide Prevention Week 10-16 September 2018


On average, two people die in Scotland every day from suicide.  In partnership with you and others, we, as in the National Programme for Suicide Prevention, are working hard to reduce this appalling statistic by continuing to raise awareness, skills and capacity in individuals and communities to recognise suicide risk.


 National Suicide Prevention week takes place from 10-16 September this year.  During this week we are continuing to promote the “Read between the lines” campaign to help raise awareness of suicide prevention among the general public in your area.


We know that family, friends and workmates of people at risk of suicide may be in a good position to recognise the signs of distress in someone and be able to help.  So this campaign supports having such conversations as a first step in getting help.  It also aims to reassure people that asking a person about what’s troubling them can make a positive difference.


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