Tollcross Medical Centre

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Health Visitors

The Health Visitors are registered nurses with specialist training. They serve at the front line in terms of preventative care and early detection of ill health as well as the recognition and identification of health needs. Part of their duty is to be able to help with the various problems which may beset a family.

The health visitors will provide the following services:

  • Regular visits to children from birth to five years old to ensure that they are progressing satisfactorily and to offer advice on issues such as immunisations, behavioural problems and good parenting
  • Health education and health promotion
  • Recognition and identification of needs and referral if appropriate
  • Provision of care which will include support during periods of stress, and advice and guidance in cases of illness as well as in the care management of children
  • Support to women with postnatal depression.

The health visitors can be contacted via the surgery between 8.30am – 4.30pm.